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By express transport, express service or express courier we mean a transport service, national or international, which takes place in “rapid” times.

Obviously the definition of rapid is questionable and should be commensurate with the distance traveled and the means used. Express transport is a type of freight transport service that is very often considered “luxury”, reserved for particular product categories or for companies with a high logistics and transport budget.

The importance of transport expressed in the new economy and in the commodity sectors
In reality, express transport and express dedicated transport are simple shipping methods, no more and no less than groupage or partial load.

What is important to understand is that, for some categories, this type of service cannot be limited to exceptional cases, but should instead be the standard to refer to.

The importance of transport expressed in the new economy and in the commodity sectors
As freight forwarders, we have often found ourselves faced with situations in which, in order to save negligible amounts, we chose an economic service that can go much more easily to problems of delivery delays.

So let’s try to understand what express transport consists of and why, in many cases, it is cheaper than cheaper transport!

What is express shipping
The terminology refers to that used in English, that is, express courier (= runner), which in turn derives from the Pony Express , which was the mail delivery service of the Far West (obviously, on horseback)! Today the means used by express couriers can be the most diverse: trucks, trains, planes, depending on the final destination.

Express transport to get the goods to arrive more quickly uses vehicles that are constantly in operation, day and night. Only in this way is it possible to ensure rapid delivery.

How does it work
The difference between express transport and other types of service lies in the fact that there is no need to reach minimum dimensions of goods. When the goods arrive at the place of departure, they are simply weighed and measured, and the tariff will be commensurate with these values.

At the disposal of the shipper who deals with express courier there must be a fleet of vehicles, or in any case a connection with aircraft and railway networks.

Even on land, however, express transport must have advanced technological tools, Consulenza ADR, which allow operators to perform their work in the best possible way. These include barcode scanning, digital inventory, tracking and much more by way of example.

Why use it
Given the intrinsic characteristics of this type of transport, some types of business are more suitable than others to use it.

An example is certainly represented by those who produce and trade small objects: since, as we have seen, a minimum footprint is not necessary, express transport is particularly suitable for goods that occupy a space, for example, less than one cubic meter.

Another category to keep in mind concerns the resistance of the object itself. Express transport is a sector in which a second can make a difference: for this reason, operators must handle the goods very quickly.

Not very delicate goods are therefore perfect for this type of transport. What happens instead for the more fragile one?

In reality, it is also possible to use express transport for delicate goods, everything depends on how they are packed and packaged. This can be a direct task of the forwarder, or of the production warehouse. In both cases, it is necessary that the goods are protected at best, with corrugated cardboard, polystyrene, bubble wrap and anything else necessary to allow operators to be quick in handling the goods without having to worry about breakages.

Finally, we must not forget the e-commerce category: in the case of online purchases, in fact, the speed of delivery is acquiring an increasingly important role and a determining factor for the purchase.

Guaranteeing delivery in 24 hours with express transport is a big plus for all consumers who make purchases online: just think of the case of Amazon Prime, which sometimes reduces the time to 12 hours, thanks to the work of couriers. and the warehouse.

The data
From what has been said so far, it clearly emerges that the express transport sector constitutes a fundamental contribution to the trade and internationalization of Made in Italy. It not only promotes trade, but also contributes to the recognition of the quality and competitiveness of Italian companies all over the world.

This is because, especially in the case of shipments abroad, it is essential to ensure customer assistance and at the same time reduce costs and delivery times, both in the case of widespread distribution and more generalized transport.

According to the data published by ANFIA , road transport continues to be the preferred mode for express transport in Europe, reaching a percentage of 71%, which in Italy rises to 80%.

Furthermore, express transport is increasingly used not only for the delivery of goods but also for the transport of documents, especially in the “door to door” mode.

The means used also plays a fundamental role: for nearby destinations, land transport is certainly the best choice, as it allows for a network of correspondents located in different locations. For more distant destinations, such as China , on the other hand, the air or sea route is certainly cheaper.

The timings
With an express service, the delivery of goods can take place within 24/48 hours of receipt by the forwarder. The timing obviously depends on the distance to cover. For national shipments, for example, Sogedim guarantees delivery within 24 hours, a time that extends to 48 hours for international deliveries.

When using the express service, there is a clear need for quick delivery, and therefore for an important order.

This is why it is also important to have the possibility of knowing, at any time, where the goods are.

For this reason, all the best operators provide a free tra

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